Jiggedy JiG - Irish Dance Costumes and Accessories
Embroidery Blocks
Pre-embroidered blocks of fabric for use in making Irish Dance Costumes.
Are you a sewing enthusiast who is looking to make your own Irish Dance Costume but don't have the embroidery equipment.  Here is a great way to fill that need.  Choose one of my ready-made sets or have a custom design created for your use.
Embroidered sleeve, bodice and skirt blocks.
Kaya in her "lucky dress".  Embroidered blocks by JiggedyJiG.  Dress made by Kaya's grandmother, Gail Engelmann. 
Kaya - in her lucky dress.  Embroidery blocks by JiggedyJiG.  Dress made by her grandmother, Gail Engelmann.
Daisy Applique Block Set
Daisy applique, belt, sleeve, and bodice
Connecting Lines Embroidery Block Set
Front Bodice, Back Bodice and Sleeve
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